Friday, February 26, 2016

My First Blog...

     Over the last few years it's been suggested to me by industry professionals, and requested by my customers, that I add a blog to my arsenal of online networking/marketing.  Before last Sunday, I was never able to, or came up with lots of excuses as to why I could not, find the time to set up all that is involved.  Before last Sunday, I was fishing nearly 7 days a week.   Well as many of you already know, I took a little fall early that Sunday morning that has now provided me with the time (more than enough time) to set it all up. 

     One wrong move while preparing my new Ranger Z519 for my 6 hour, Super-Half Day guided fishing trip with Tom M., a regular customer of mine, and I find myself laying on my back trying to catch my breath.  The same, 'right hand down on the gunwale, swing my legs over the edge, jump off the top deck, and plant both feet on ground,' maneuver I've done nearly every day over the last 18 years didn't end the same as it normally does.  Somehow, my toe caught the edge of the boat, or my hand slipped... I can't really remember.  I do, however,  remember seeing stars, white flashes of light, and gasping for air.  The only noises coming out of my mouth resembled those frequently heard by zombie characters on The Walking Dead. The next thing I know, Justen Moore, one of my best friends since childhood, and a fellow guide, and Al Laman (also a guide), were standing over me; telling me not to move.  I'm a little stubborn.  For those of you that know me, telling me not to do something usually means I'm going to try it.  So, I had them help me back into my truck.  After sitting for a few moments, still trying to catch my breath, it hit me that I probably wasn't going to fish that day, or for several days thereafter.  Against the advice of all that were around, I drove myself home and made a call to my wife (Erica).  Probably not the wake up call she would've wished for that morning.  Erica is a RN who is currently studying to be a NP, so I was in good hands.  After explaining to me how dumb I was for driving myself home, she called an ambulance. 

     To make a long story short...  I spent most of that day in the ER, and learned I had fractured my T12 vertebrae.  For the past 6 days, I've been laying on my back, watching a lot of television.  The combination of Oxycodone at night and Tylenol by day has helped alleviate much of the lower back pain.  A couple days of having nothing to do was kind of nice.  But after 6 days of the same, I'm extremely bored. 

     Not sure when I'll be back on the water. Hopefully, very soon!  I have an appointment with a specialist on Tuesday.  We'll know more then.  My little injury, or setback, is nothing compared to some anglers I've seen on the water...  My little injury is merely a stubbed toe compared to anglers like Clay Dyer, and some of the Wounded Warriors anglers.  Some of the obstacles they've overcome to realize their passion for Bass fishing tremendously outweighs anything I'm experiencing.  I hold those anglers in very high regard.  The time I'm having to spend off the water is simply a precaution to avoid any long term, or more serious, injuries.  I'm sure I'll make a full recovery and everything will be fine.

I support my family by Bass fishing.  There aren't very many people that are able to say that.  I feel I am fortunate and blessed to be able to make that statement.   I plan to continue supporting my family this way for many years to come.  Looking towards the near future, I have decided that I will step aside from fishing the remaining two tournaments of this year's Bass Master Southern Opens.  I don't think it would be a good decision, both physically and financially, to attempt it.  Hopefully, I'll be back next year.  As far as guiding goes...  Hopefully, I'll be back out there in a few days!

This is the only blog I'll post about this.  All future blog subjects will be:

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  1. Well it's a terrible reason to finally start your blog but I for one & many others are glad you have.
    Get better quick & I look forward to reading more here from you!